Transmission Line Mechanic (D-A)

Job Description
Note: Positions may be filled as a Transmission Line Mechanic D - Transmission Line Mechanic A based upon level of experience
Assist in the installation, maintenance, rearrangement, operation, removal and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities. Drive and operate line trucks and associated auxiliary equipment. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions., The following reference is provided as a guideline for persons responsible for directing the duties and responsibilities of assigned personnel, to assist in the safety and development of employees, and is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions:, DIRECT SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is working with/hands-on with the person performing the designated task., IMMEDIATE SUPERVISION - When a qualified person is near the structure/equipment and is in constant visual and/or verbal contact to the person performing the designated task., GENERAL SUPERVISION - An employee of equal or higher classification, knowledgeable of the task at hand and not necessarily at the job site., QUALIFIED PERSON - Line Mechanic or Supervisor who is knowledgeable of the task or work to be performed, and is capable of performing the appropriate emergency rescue. Perform duties in accordance with the Company's safety rules, regulations and practices and report unsafe conditions and practices. a. Report irregularities and abnormal conditions. Assemble, install, maintain, remove and inspect conductors, fixtures, and other associated equipment on overhead facilities. a. During the first six months in this classification, the employee must demonstrate the ability to operate Company equipment, climb poles and structures, work from bucket trucks or on ladders and be at ease above the ground while performing the work. b. Supply employees working aloft the necessary tools and equipment required in the work. c. Assist in setting poles, including poles in energized areas where proper personnel protective procedures are used. d. Cut, spray or stack trees and brush while performing transmission right-of-way control. Under direct supervision of a qualified person, assist in the use of live line tools, bare-hand techniques, rubber gloves and sleeves, and other accepted work methods to maintain transmission lines. Operate automotive equipment and its associated equipment, and perform duties incidental to the operation of such equipment. a. Operate line trucks of various types with derricks and earth-boring equipment. Operate truck-tractors, both single and tandem-axle, trailers, both regular and fifth-wheel mounted, winches in handling poles and material, and transport employees and equipment to and from work locations. Identify all personal protective equipment and its purpose including rubber gloves, blankets, temporary grounds, live line tools, and construction and maintenance tools and equipment. a. Maintain tools, equipment and work area in a clean and orderly condition. Maintain records and submit reports as required. Assist employees of equal or higher classification. Attend and participate in training as assigned and assist in the training of other employees. Perform similar or less skilled work.

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